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Does Sui blockchain activity appear on my feed?
Does Sui blockchain activity appear on my feed?

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We allow you to experience what's happening in real-time on web3 with personalized feeds, tuned to your friends, communities, and tastemakers you admire.

So instead of finding out about trends hours and days later, you're able to see what is moving as it happens, who is bidding, listing, and collecting.

We have designed 50 card types which show you, using realtime blockchain data, what is happening on web3. We have also created feeds where you can watch other profiles, like your friends or community members, and a For You feed that is based on algo and your preferences (we are using a form of ML for it). Finally, we also have a fun feature to allow you to follow communities built around a specific token or NFT with a feed tailored to that community.

We show what's happening on Ethereum, Polygon & Sui at this time. We are hoping to bring more chains to the feed in the near future.

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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