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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Easy and Sui. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one, these FAQs will help you navigate the both seamlessly and confidently.

1: Does Easy have a web-app or browser extension like Sui? Easy is only mobile at this time but we are exploring other app types in the future.

2: Will my Sui NFTs show in my Easy wallet? Yes! If you connect your wallet to your Sui compatible wallet, all our assets will show in your Easy wallet.

3: What other Sui wallets are there? Besides the Sui chrome extension wallet, there's Ethos & Fewcha. These are some of the most used and popular ones.

4: What's the best way to copy my Sui wallet address to my Easy app if I'm on a desktop? Great question. As of now, Easy is only available on mobile. If you are on your desktop and need to copy your Sui address into the Easy app, the best way to do this is to copy on your desktop, send an email to your self, open this email on your phone and copy into the Easy app.

Additional, if you have Discord, you can do the same by sending the copied Sui address to yourself in Discord and then opening Discord up on your mobile.

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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