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XP and Leaderboards in Easy

Points and XP in Easy

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While you explore the Easy app, you can now earn Experience Points or XP for short. The points will unlock new functionality within Easy, will allow you to participate in contests & games, and will play an even larger role in the future of Easy!

How do I become eligible to earn Easy XP? In order to earn your points, you have to set up the basics of your Easy Profile:

  • Profile Pic

  • Connect a wallet with a non-zero balance. Either some crypto balance or nfts must be in the connected wallet to qualify.

  • Connect at least one social account, Twitter or Discord and also follow Easy or join our server.


Where Can I Find My XP? To view you point totals, go to your profile and above your Gallery you will find your current point total. Tap your points and see which activities have contributed to your totals.

How do I earn Easy XP? You can always tap the “info" icon from your Easy Points detail page and see the most current list of ways Easy Points can be earned. Here are the various ways to earn:

  • 50 Points setting up a Sui Wallet in Easy (one time Only)

  • 5 points a for starting GM streak. See more about how the GM streak increases over time, ⁠GM in Easy!

  • 5 points - Invite a friend. Each friend you invite that sets up their profile earns you points.

  • 2 points - Being followed. We want to reward you for being noticed so every time an EZ watches you, points.

  • 1 point - Review a transaction. Dip into your activity and review dApps, Collections and wallets you’ve interacted with.

  • 1 point - Another EZ commented on your activity in the feed

  • 1 point - Another EZ reacted to your activity in the feed

  • 1 point - Another EZ boosts you activity in the feed

XP points update by interval

  • Daily - every 30 min

  • Weekly - every hour

  • Monthly - every other hour

  • All time - whenever a point award happens

To track our new Easy XP, we have launched new XP leaderboards on the discovery tab!

To find the Leaderboards tap the Discover Tab and you will see the Leaderboards featured at the top of the page. This is where you can see who has scored the most Easy XP by Day, Week, Month and All-time. The Leaderboard defaults to daily totals, but you can toggle between the time periods to see the other rankings. To see more than the top three EZs on the board, tap "see all" for the top 20 for any time period you choose.

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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