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Important news to share about the future of the Easy OG role in our community.
Important news to share about the future of the Easy OG role in our community.

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We have been assigning the @Easy OG role to all beta adopters of the Easy App since we launched Easy in late last year. You are the foundation of our young and fast growing Easy Community.

As we said from the beginning, the total number of Easy OG is going to be limited. There is a cutoff for assigning the Easy OG role and any future benefits that role unlocks. This will ensure that over the years, as Easy is adopted by more and more web3 enthusiasts, our OGs remain an exclusive community of early pioneers. That OG notoriety will continue to grow as Easy grows. New EZs onboarding into the Easy Wallet will be assigned the Easy OG role through Sunday April 30th. April 30th is exactly 111 days since we launched our public beta in January. New EZs coming after April 30th will be assigned the new role @Easy Frens.

Once we have completed assigning the Easy OG role on April 30th, we will be issuing a "proof of OG" gift in the form of an OG.KEY NFT. The Easy Wallet addresses for all OGs will be added to a ML. This will allow each of you to mint a free OG.KEY NFT. More details on that process at a later date.

Once issued, this OG.KEY NFT will give you preferred status for future opportunities arise. The OG.KEY NFT will unlock new features and functionality in the Easy app and in our discord. It will unlock opportunities to participate in contests, future mints, and other surprise we think up in the months and years to come. @Easy Key-Holder, you are also OGs and you will be included on the ML and be able to mint your OG.KEY to pair with your EZ.KEY. Your status as the original 1,111 will continue to earn you the highest level of consideration among the Easy Community.

The clock is now counting down to the cutoff deadline to get in and claim you OG role and spot on the ML. Make sure you look out for your friends and share your invite to join Easy while they can still get in as an OG. Thanks for being here so early, thanks for helping us build Easy and get ready for some exciting announcements and reveals ahead as we continue to create fun and exciting opportunities for the Easy Community!

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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