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The Easy Company Partners with Mysten Labs to Bring New Social Experiences to Web3
The Easy Company Partners with Mysten Labs to Bring New Social Experiences to Web3

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We are excited to announce our collaboration with Mysten Labs to bring the power of Sui to the Easy social wallet.

From when we first connected with the Mysten Labs team, we both shared a vision that blockchain technology has transformational potential, but that in order for it to be adopted by mainstream users globally, it would need to be seamlessly integrated into user-centric designs where complexity disappears, and radically better user experiences are unlocked.

At The Easy Company, we believe that web3 has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world. But in order to make it accessible to everyone, we need to provide engaging and useful experiences for millions of users. That's where Mysten comes in. They're building Sui, a decentralized, proof of stake blockchain designed to enable creators and developers to build experiences for the next billion users in web3.

Sui is leveraging novel data structures and important innovations in consensus algorithms to deliver a high-performance, low-cost Layer 1 protocol. And we're excited to partner with them to create next-generation social experiences for Sui ecosystem users.

Easy, our social wallet, is the perfect gateway to web3. It combines user-curated profiles with social discovery features to help users navigate and discover the world of web3. We offer full cross-chain functionality and a community-sourced rating system, Signal, to protect users from scams and risks that can be pervasive in web3.

We are working together to launch Easy on Sui in the coming months, and enable the Sui community to discover together all the new projects and experiences that will be available in the Sui ecosystem. We can't wait to see the amazing things that creators and developers will build on Sui.


  1. When will Sui be supported by the Easy social wallet? We are working to enable support for Sui with the launch of Sui mainnet in 2023.

  2. What is the timing for Sui mainnet roll out? How do I learn more about Sui? For any questions about the Sui protocol, please visit and the Sui Discord.

  3. How can Sui developers work with Easy as a wallet for their dApps and projects? We will be providing more information about how to integrate Easy into your projects, but in the meantime you can join our discord at to connect with our team.

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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