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Watching Collections & Tokens in the Easy app
Watching Collections & Tokens in the Easy app

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Easy is the first web3 social wallet. One of our social features is a personalized, real-time blockchain feed showing all the activity of the friends, taste makers, collections and token you watch.

Here is a quick guide for how to easily watch Collections and Tokens in Easy. First quick way is to watch collections you own directly from your profile. Tap into any NFT in your Gallery, tap the collection and then watch.

The second way to easily find Collections and Tokens to watch is from the Discover tab. Use our native web3 search engine to find what you want to watch. For example, watching Crypto Duuudes (collection) and Shiba Inu (token). Collection and Token updates in your feed:

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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