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Community is really important to us. I mean it. We want to make sure we are giving you the best experience possible and constantly interact with you. We want to hear how things are going, we want to hear what might be wrong. We love feedback and really appreciate it.

Discord is our forum where we chat, hang out, and stay close to you and the Easy community. Within Discord, we have channels meant for various things. Check out the channel/group and role breakdowns below to get comfortable with everything.


  • Information

    • Welcome: You guessed it! This is the welcome channel that highlights the basics

    • Announcements: We'll ping this channel with announcements we think you'd like to hear

    • Roles: We'll cover our roles and how to get them in this channel

    • Links: EZ official links

    • Product Updates: For product updates

    • Easy FAQ: Your most common and burning questions

    • Tweets: Easy tweets

  • Discussion

    • Founders Room: Exclusive channel for private access to the Easy Founders. Invite only for EZOTW winners, EZ.BugBusters and Server Boosters!

    • Contests: Contests for the EZ community

    • GM/GN: Say GM or GN to your fellow community members

    • General Chat: Chat about anything you'd like! Say hi to friends and more

    • Alpha-Feed: Share and discover art, new projects, and other interesting finds from your web3 journeys!

    • Art Salon: Share and discover more art

    • Trading Speculations: Collectables price changes

    • Scam Alerts: We appreciate you helping us make this world safer! Report and scam alerts to the team here

    • EZ-00-EZs: Follow fellow EZ'sto help grow our community

    • Waiting Room: Pending your role and access to the server, you are placed in this room

  • Help & Feedback

    • Suggestions: Give us feedback! It only will make us better

    • Product Help: Bug, issues or have questions?

    • Product Tips: We'll give you some tips on how to best us our app


  • ​​@Moderator: Easy server mods

  • @Easy Founder: The guys that started it all

  • @Easy Team : The gang working for The EasyCo

  • @EZOTW : One EZOTW is selected weekly, an EZ who is active and a positive member of the Easy Community. (Role and benefits are non-transferrable with the EZOTW NFT)

  • @EZ Bug Buster : EZ that went above and beyond to help us smash a bug or suggest upgrades that improved the experience of everyone in the community. (Role and benefits are non-transferrable with the EZ.BUGBUSTER NFT)

  • @Easy Key-Holder: 1,111 holders of the EZ.KEY NFT - (Role transfers with ownership of the EZ.KEY NFT)

  • @Easy OG: Earliest adopters of Easy and members of the Easy community. Must be fully onboarded in the Easy App and have set up profile to gain role.

  • @Easy Booster: Server boosters (Thanks for showing the love!)

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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