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Connecting your Easy wallet to other dapps like OpenSea
Connecting your Easy wallet to other dapps like OpenSea

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The Easy wallet is the first web3 social wallet. While the social features make the Easy app more engaging, our foundation is a fully functioning web3 wallet. Plus, we have the added benefit of the safety that comes from the community. Use Easy when you want to connect and transact with dapps like Foundation, Manifold, Opensea, etc.

You can connect mobile to mobile or mobile to desktop. Here's a mobile to desktop connection on Opensea to buy a Monomyth. You can connect and sign - and right at the moment of transaction before you have to confirm, Easy shares with you the collective reviews of the community. This is called Signal and it is another way that Easy and the Easy community helps keep you safe as you explore in web3.

Again, the collective community feedback, Signal, is there right at the moment of signing so we can review the feedback from the rest of the Easy Community before we decide if we feel comfortable signing.

If you have any issues or questions about using Easy as your wallet to connect to other dapps and navigating web3 - ask away. If you run into any challenges, please share in ✋🏼product-help Discord channel and if you see ways to improve the flow, don't be share, share in 🙏suggestions.

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