Before getting started with Easy, please read through the important tips below. As a member of our private beta community, and as one of the earliest users of Easy, we have several requirements that you should anticipate. These requirements are designed not only to make your experience better, but also to help us establish a healthy community and prepare the product for public beta users.

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Most importantly, please do not take the “Skip for now” path at the beginning of onboarding. This path is not fully supported and if taken you will need to delete the app and reinstall in order to properly onboard and enjoy Easy. To properly onboard, you will be required to either connect or import your current web3 wallet (ie, the one you use most, which might be on Metamask or Ledger, etc).

  • Ideally, this is the wallet with your NFT collection in it which will enable you to set up your social profile, curate your NFT gallery, and choose your favorites to showcase. This will also enable you to easily connect with the web3 communities you belong to. You will also have some past transactions to rate which help build trust and safety signal for our community.

  • We recommend that you choose the option to connect your existing wallet rather than import it. Connecting your wallet is totally safe and is no different than connecting your wallet to any web3 site or application. Easy will not have access to your wallet contents with this read-only connection.

  • Note that Easy provides direct wallet connections with iOS wallet apps from Metamask, Rainbow, Trust, and Ledger Live (more soon). But those options will only be available if you have one of those apps installed on your phone. Otherwise, you can connect any wallet you have that supports WalletConnect by choosing the WalletConnect QR Code option. You may have experience with this type of connection being a bit finicky to establish. In most cases that is beyond our control, so if it fails at first please try again.

  • If you are comfortable with importing your wallet and prefer that option, please do. To import, you will simply need the secret seed phrase for your current wallet. You will then have the convenience of being able to access and transact with the contents of your wallet within Easy for any purpose. Many people try out new wallets this way. However, you likely know that software wallets like Easy are by nature less secure than hardware wallets like Ledger. If you have significant holdings in your wallet, we recommend connecting rather than importing.

  • Note: If you own NFTs from BAYC, Azuki, Moonbird, Doodles, CloneX, or World of Women, you should connect your wallet with those NFTs in it. We’ve built some really fun features for these token holders which you will have exclusive access to.

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We require connecting your Twitter account and also following Easy on Twitter. This enables you to easily connect with your web3 Twitter community on Easy, creating a more relevant and personal community feed experience. It also enables direct messaging between Easy users via Twitter DMs.

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We also require connecting your Discord and joining our community there. You will receive your “Easy OG” role upon joining, and be able to easily communicate with us and others in the community.

Questions about this or any features, ask the Easy Team in the ✋🏼product-help Discord channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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